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ClimaCon F 用于表面辐射供暖的房间温控器

ClimaCon F 房间温控器用于表面辐射供暖和供冷系统的温度控制,以及独立式房屋或住宅中的天棚辐射供暖和供冷的温度控制。根据房间温控器的不同,可以通过转换信号(例如来自热泵的信号)在供暖和供冷之间进行切换。
ClimaCon F 房间温控器可与电热执行器(例如 Aktor T 2P)结合使用。或者,可以连接到连接块(例如 FloorCon)。简单的出墙式安装和快速配置使得产品的安装非常简单。

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嵌入式电动房间温控器需要与 Aktor T 2P 电热执行器(两点式)配合使用,用于单独的房间温度控制。


The electronic surface-mounted room thermostat is used in conjunction with motorized or thermal actuators for individual room temperature control in heating and cooling systems. It can also be used in three- or four-pipe systems and has an adjustable neutral zone between heating and cooling stage. The temperature is set at the room thermostat.



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R-Tronic Wireless thermostats

Oventrop offers wireless thermostats with two types of radio communication:
The R-Tronic wireless thermostats with open radio communication according to EnOcean standard can be integrated directly into Smart Home systems.
The R-Tronic wireless thermostats with closed radio communication ( proprietary) are used in stand-alone operation in connection with wireless actuators to control radiators or in connection with a multi-channel wireless receiver to control surface heating systems.

The temperature setting as well as the storage of time programmes is carried out at the wireless thermostat or in the app of the Smart Home System. Depending on the model, an additional measurement of the relative humidity in % is possible.

Power is supplied by batteries or a power supply unit (100 - 240 V). For the battery-operated models, power supply via the mains is possible as an alternative (see chapter “R-Tronic Accessories”).

For the closed R-Tronic system, the following applies: In battery operation, up to 3 participants can be taught-in, in mains operation, up to 8 participants can be taught-in. In mains operation it is also possible to teach in window contacts.

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